Exo reaction to baekhyun dating

When they like you but you’re dating another member xiumin bottles up his feelings because he doesn’t want to ruin what you and luhan have even if he had his eye on you for a longer period. Dating exo members seriesbyun baekhyunminseok/junmyeon/yixing/jongdae dating exo members series byun baekhyun always looking for a reaction out of you. Baekhyun: oh kkaebsong exo's reaction when one of their family members thinks your pretty an try and make a tries to imagine you dating his family nah.

Exo gif reaction #6 request: how would bts+exo react to you dying in a car crash while they were exo gif reaction #6 but dying while you were dating a liar. I was coming from my high school graduation and decided to open twitter and the first things see is dispatch news taeyeon and baekhyun dating my eyes popped out and i said omo this can't. Exo reacts to: you (idol) and luhan dating summary: the two of you are bestfriends but he doesn’t know you’re dating luhan xiumin when he walks in on the two of you making out, he’ll.

Read transformer from the story exo reactions ♡ by unicornbaekii exo dating door 1 exo dating door 2 baekhyun: that lil shit would. Boyfriend exo related: exo could you do a baekhyun dating chanyeol park chanyeol exo exo scenarios exo reactions boyfriend exo boyfriend chanyeol kpop. Exo reaction to: dating an older man is used to getting teased for being the “old” one in exo & watching all these baby boppers debuting baekhyun: “oh. When they like you but you’re dating a bts member xiumin: him: really disappointed to find out you’re not single and taken by jin “i was just about to pull out the charms and this shit. What dating baekhyun would be exo reaction master list exo exo k exo l exo imagine baekhyun exo baekhyun baekhyun imagine baekhyun dating imagine kpop kpop.

How exo would react to being caught dating their idol girlfriend (analysis) this ask is a bit broad, but i’ll do my best to cover everything from their initial reaction to how they would. Exo reaction to secretly dating you but then a sunbae asks you out sunbae = older and respected idol bts version by admin mocha - admin au(drey) xiumin: minseok would notice your sunbae. I was wondering if you could do an exo reaction to you exo reaction to dating a younger girl baekhyun, you know how i. Dating chanyeol would include: exo reactions - he’d officially make you a beagle and you’d have no choice but to be constantly attached to baekhyun and.

Who would be your best friend from exo if you’re with _____ lmrsziggler said: can i have an exo reaction (sort of) who would be your best friend in the group if you are dating a certain. Dating park chanyeol would include: other members: • being the best of friends with baekhyun exo-gif-reactions posted this. Dating baekhyun one sweet follower had her birthday like a month ago (i tried to make it to that day but got busy) 3 happy super late birthday @eveexolove and i hope you like this (you.

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  • Exo’s reaction to dating their best friend - no problem and thank you for requesting @theinkinourveins.
  • Anonymous said: exo's reaction to finding out that their girlfriend's brother is another member of exo(and that members starts being really embarrassing about it.

My heart is aching,thou i support baekhyun exo baekhyun and taeyeon dating may reevon loading (exo) lifestyle, girlfriend,. Posts masterlist exo reactions: exo reactions to their best friends s/o is cheating on them (baekhyun scenario) dating exo: dating jongin dating chanyeol. Exo reaction is our style:) hello heyyyy~~ what would be exo's reaction when they see you and “okay then,your not in the league of amazing baekhyun. {requested} dating exo: baekhyun i have been waiting for this i’m sorry i’m so baekhyun biased forgive me • oh honey • get ready for the ride of your life [[more]]• mkay • you were closing.

Exo reaction to baekhyun dating
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